So often, as competitors, we focus on our diet and workouts and forget that how we present our finished product on stage is just as important.  Choosing the right color for your competition posing suit can add luster and shine to your presentation.  Color affects our mood.  Choosing the right color enables the competitor to exude confidence and energy.  Choosing the wrong color produces the opposite results.  Some colors worn everyday are not stage colors.   The goal is to brighten and enhance your presentation; to stand out and get noticed.   Here are some general color selection guidelines:

  • Blonde – blue-red, royal blue, emerald green, hot pink, fuchsia, turquoise, black, silver, white, baby blue, baby pink, neon yellow, neon orange
  • Sandy Brown – orange-red, teal, lime, green, emerald green, aquamarine, turquoise, raspberry, burgundy, blue (heavy crystal needed to brighten face), coral
  • Brunette/Black – blue-red, emerald green, baby pink, hot pink, fuchsia, turquoise, black, silver, gold
  • Purple/Yellow– purple and yellow react differently than all other colors under stage lights and is recommended for competitors with naturally colored skin and use of red-brown stain.  Wearing purple with a golden brown stain will result in a grey-ashen appearance of your tan on stage.  If you feel strongly about wearing these colors and you are Caucasian, I recommend testing various tanning productions and view the suit under very bright lights.

A successful result is a competitor, standing ready to walk out on stage, excited, pumped and ready to rock it!

-        Submitted by Mary Jane Snyder of MJ’s Atomic Designs, LLC, specializing in custom posing suits for men and women

Is Figure for me?

Many of you out there have thought about doing a show, but not sure where to get started?  You are interested in competing or you wouldn’t be looking at this website, and maybe your wondering if you’ve got what it takes.  Doing a Figure show takes a LOT of commitment, not just at the gym, but at home with meal preparation, posing and discipline.  However it’s a commitment worth making, the end result after doing a show is so rewarding!

Many different things go into doing a figure show big things like your diet, exercise and posing all the way to the little things like your suit, tan, shoes, makeup, hair and jewelry.  I am here to tell you everything you need to know about Figure!

In the Figure category they are looking for a female with muscle definition, some separation in the different muscle groups.  Most figure girls step on stage around 8-14% body fat, however ever one is different, and it really depends more on how you look then where your body fat is.  Figure competitors train for a figure show for years, building up muscle, especially your shoulders, back, hamstrings and quads.  However once you have the muscle definition, many women diet strict (figure diet) for only about 4-6 months.  A figure diet consists of low carb, high lean protein diet, along with lots of water every day.  A figure diet leaves no room for error, which means you are strict on your diet the whole time, no more cheat meals!  The majority of your meals will be prepared by you, no more eating out every meal, which means a lot of time in the kitchen for meal prep.  Along with diet comes exercise.  Figure woman typically do cardio 5-6 times a week and weight train 5 days a week.  This averages about 2 hours at the gym 6 days a week.

Once you have build the muscles, and dieted down, you need to know how to present those wonderful bodies you have been working so hard on!  Posing is a huge part of figure competition.  If your posing is bad, it can really ruin your physique that you have worked so hard on.  Posing should be taking place 1/week at 2 months out, 2/week at 1 month out, and every day one week out.  There are many great articles on posing that can help figure competitors, however with posing it is something you really want a professional to help you with, hands on!  It is worth the money to hire a posing coach, that know what they are doing, and knows how to put your body in positions that look best for your figure.

Remember the day of the show that you have worked hard, trained hard, dieted hard, and you know what your doing!  Be confident and have fun!!

Written by: Amara Kockler Janke Pro Figure Competitor

Amara 801 791 7656

What it Takes to be a Top Figure Competitor

You’ve noticed some beautiful physiques in fitness magazines, websites or have friends that have competed in figure and you thought about competing yourself, but you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry this article will cover everything you need to know.

For starters this is about you and only you! You cannot do it for anyone else. The commitment it takes to compete is surely above what any average person simply looking to lose weight. You must love your journey every day from morning until night. Every step you take will lead you in the right direction or not. So, it is very important to love the way it makes you feel and look. This should be fun! If it’s not then it’s not for you.

What is Figure and what am I judged on?

Figure is about presenting a physique that is athletic looking without being big like a bodybuilder and without deep cuts and cross striations to the muscle. Competitors are judged on symmetry and muscle, stage presentation, suit-fit and overall look. There is much less emphasis placed on muscle size, as in bodybuilding.

Judges are looking for a tight athletic look that is still feminine. They also look for symmetry, which is demonstrated by a V-taper, small waist, developed lats, nice full shoulders, and full quads.

Even though figure guidelines are written out in detail, it is a subjective sport. For instance at one contest the judges might be looking for a very lean and muscular physique, while at another a softer look might be rewarded. Therefore, you must accept the possibility that you could come in with your best possible physique and it might not be what the judges are looking for on that particular day. My best advice to you is to enjoy your journey, learn from everything you do and talk to the judges for feedback after the show.

Competition Suit and Shoes

Figure competition suits are a considerable cost. You can spend anywhere from $300.00 to $1000.00 or more for your suit. You can save money by renting a suit or by having a suit made for you and accessorizing it with rhinestones yourself.

Competition high heels are a must and are typically 5” high. Any shorter or higher shoes really don’t look good on stage.

Stage Presentation – Posing Clinics/Posing Coach

Knowing how to present yourself on stage is something you are judged on. Walking the stage in those 5” heels with confidence and poise takes practice and hard work. If this is your first competition, you’ll need to take a clinic or hire a personal posing coach to help prepare you.

by Sandy Hancock

Body By Sandy