Is Bikini for Me?

More and more women are getting involved in bodybuilding shows, however not necessarily doing bodybuilding.  Within the last few years bikini and figure have started to really grow as a sport for women to compete in.  Within the three categories: bodybuilding, figure and bikini, bodybuilding is very muscular look, with striation and separation.  Figure should have general athleticism, a feminine muscularity, toned good symmetry, balance and proportion, however they do not want the striation and muscle size of a bodybuilder.  Bikini is a softer look then figure; bikini should be in good shape without a lot of muscle definition and striation.  Bikini is judged highly on stage presence, smiling, catching the Judges and crowds attention.  Bikini Diva has attitude while on the stage, and personality.  Bikini diva is less structure then figure, and allows you to let loose a little and show your true character.  Bikini is mostly judged on your front and back side, there are no mandatory poses for bikini like there is for other categories.

Bikini divas posing suits are similar to a regular bikini, however made with special materials and jewels.  Bikini divas wear 5 inch clear heels, and can use jewelry to add to their presentation.

There is usually two or three classes depending on how many competitors. The classes are as follows:

Class A: 5’2″ and under; Class B: 5’3″ thru 5’5″; Class C: over 5’5″

The time is now, so hit the gym, get your heels on, and let’s have some fun.

by Amara Kockler, Professional Figure Competitor